HoriZen Prime Privacy

The HoriZen Prime Privacy System is the latest fence range from Betafence designed for quick and easy installation by DIY enthusiasts. It sets a new standard in the privacy fencing market. HoriZen Prime is made from low-maintenance WPC panels that easily fit together to create a modern, environmentally friendly privacy fence.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) combine the warm feel of wood with the low maintenance and rigidity of recycled plastic. The HoriZen Prime System is weather-resistant, extremely durable, and does not rot or splinter.

Your HoriZen Prime System will be:

  • Tough and hard-wearing: The combination of 60% recycled hard-wood fibres and 40% recycled polyethylene means your fence will stay looking good for years

  • Weatherproof: The HoriZen Prime system will withstand all weathers and will not rot from the rain, warp, or fade from exposure to sunlight

  • Uniform look on both sides: The HoriZen Prime benefits from its smart looks on both sides of the fence

  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain: The HoriZen system is light and strong, making installation easy, and just hose it down occasionally to maintain a clean fence

  • No painting or treating is needed: The HoriZen Prime system doesn’t need painting, oiling

With its modern look, on-trend colour, and simple tongue and groove fitting system, it’s ideal for all gardens.

Complete Solution

HoriZen Prime Privacy Panels, Stainless Steel Decorative Boards, aluminum HoriZen Prime Posts with their accessories, and the pre-assembled HoriZen Prime Swing Gate are all you need to install your privacy fence solution.

Easy Installation

HoriZen components are specifically designed to make installation simple. The boards easily slide into the posts and a tongue and groove design ensure the boards neatly fit together. Fence heights can easily be adapted in 150 mm increments and the composite material is easy to cut on-site if shorter width pieces are needed.


Combine elements of the HoriZen fence system to design your own look. Be your own architect and landscape designer. The HoriZen Prime Privacy system can be constructed only using the modern, sleek WPC boards, or you might swap out one or more of the boards for one of our decorative boards to personalise the look in your garden.

Product Details:

HoriZen Prime Privacy Panels

Color Anthracite/Brown
Width 1780
Height 1800
Model PAN HORI COM CLASS 1780X1830 ANTH/R7016S
Design Tongue and Groove Assembly
Sub-panels 12 (1780 * 150MM)
Material Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)


HoriZen Prime Posts

Color Anthracite
Width 70
Height 1930/2400/3000
Model PST HORIZ 70X70X2400 CONC R7016S
Design Tongue and Groove Assembly
Coating Polyester with RAL 7016 S color
Material Aluminum


HoriZen Prime Swing Gates

Color Anthracite/Brown
Width 1000
Height 1800
Design Single-window Push/Pull
Coating PES with RAL 7016 S color
Sub-panels Anthracite colored WPC (Wood-plastic composites)
Material Steel Frame

Why Betafence

  • Warranty 10-year warranty on fences
  • Quality Top-quality zinc and synthetic coatings
  • Reputation Over 135 years of experience