When installing your fence you have the choice of a traditional, below-ground foundation, or a prefabricated above-ground concrete foundation. You may prefer the look of one over the other, but it’s important to consider the other requirements you may have and discuss them with your installer:


  •  If your plot is at a different height than the neighboring one - the right foundation can help level the area and prevent material from spilling from the nearby plot

  • If the fence is placed on uneven ground- a suitable foundation can stabilize and protect it

  • If you plan to keep pets in your garden - the foundation can prevent the digging of trenches and escape from underneath the fence.

Below-ground Foundation
Installation of a below-ground foundation involving digging and requires more equipment.  It is also the more time-consuming option, particularly as it requires installation in specific weather conditions to allow for the base to set which may mean waiting longer to have your fence to be installed. However, it has a great advantage when it comes to stability and durability. It is especially recommended when the fence will be installed on a difficult, uneven surface.

Prefabricated Concrete Foundation
Using a prefabricated concrete foundation is usually cheaper and quicker to install. However, it serves primarily as a decorative element and it should not be expected to significantly improve the stabilization of the fence. This method requires minimal digging; only up to a third of the height of the concrete in order to secure it. You should arrange with your installer whether you or they will supply the foundation.

Please note: our configurator will recommend posts that are suitable for either installation, however, if you are purchasing a gate you should select the option 20cm higher than your panels if you would like them to be level once installed.