Welcome to our full range of welded mesh fencing panels.

Panels are a key element of your fence, making the biggest impact on its appearance. We manufacture high-quality, welded steel panels that are guaranteed for 10 years. Our coatings are specially selected to keep your fence panels looking new for as long as possible

All of our fencing panels are available in green or anthracite and are compatible with one of our three high-quality systems:

Nylofor 3D Premium

High-quality premium System. 3D design adds strength and rigidity. Customise the appearance and privacy of your fence with Screeno line accessories.

Nylofor 3D Essential

High-visibility value System. 3D design adds strength and rigidity. Open mesh offers higher visibility and light into garden areas.

Nylofor 2D Premium

Flat fronted premium system. Offering the high-quality materials and strength of a premium system, in a flat, high visibility design. 

When choosing your fencing panels, we highly recommend using our handy configurator tool to make sure you have all the parts you need. 

Why Betafence

  • Warranty 10-year warranty on fences
  • Quality Top-quality zinc and synthetic coatings
  • Reputation Over 135 years of experience