Choosing an installer

We recommend using a qualified installer to erect your fence unless you have prior experience and feel confident in doing this yourself. It’s important to choose a professional you trust and can complete the installation to a high standard. Here are some key questions to ask when making inquiries:

Do you have experience with Betafence products?
Betafence products are widely used and the majority of installers will have some prior experience with them. This is a great question to ask to find out their level of experience and competency. 

Can you show me photos of your previous projects?
A good installer will be proud of their handiwork. Most be glad to show your photos of previous installations if they have permission from the property owners.

Can you share some testimonials with me?
Photos can only show you so much, and testimonials or reviews can provide a broader picture of how reliable your installer is. This will cover other areas that may be important to you when working with an installer, such as timekeeping and tidiness.

Do you offer a guarantee on your work?
You want to be able to enjoy your fence for years to come. An installer who offers a guarantee on their installation is making sure of that, as well as sending a message about the quality of their work.