Here, you will find all the accessories that add additional utility and beauty to the Betafence systems. These accessories are products that fulfill specific customer requirements based on feedback collected over years of Betafence experience.

All accessories are designed to work with and match other Betafence products, so the look of the entire fence system remains uniform and elegant. These products pass strict quality control to ensure Betafence grade quality and consistency.

Feel free to explore some of our exciting fencing systems:

HoriZen Prime Privacy

A modern privacy fence system that adds privacy and elegance to your property. Its made up of WPC sub-panels that ensure longevity and resistance to environmental impacts. With additional accessories, you can make the fence look just the way you want it to.

Nylofor 3D Premium

A high-quality premium system with a 3D design that adds strength and rigidity to it. Customize the appearance and privacy of your fence with Screeno line fences.

Nylofor 3D Essential

A high-visibility and economical system with a 3D design that adds strength and rigidity. Open mesh pattern offers higher visibility and allows light to enter the garden areas.

Nylofor 2D Premium

A flat-fronted premium system with high-quality Betafence panels which can stand the test of time.

When choosing your fencing panels, we highly recommend using our handy configurator tool to make sure you have all the parts you need.

Why Betafence

  • Warranty 10-year warranty on fences
  • Quality Top-quality zinc and synthetic coatings
  • Reputation Over 135 years of experience