Bekaclip Stainless Steel Clips for Fence Rolls

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A packet of 2 Bekaclip strut collars that are compatible with our Bekaclip steel post of diameter 48 mm. These stainless steel clips have a diameter of 3.50 mm and are used to fix your welded fence roll (Pantanet) on the Bekaclip posts. They are made of stainless steel and therefore are not likely to rust easily over time.

Offer them as a packet of 250 clips which makes your buying process easy. FYI, its unfolded length is about 43 mm. This clip is very rigid and difficult to deploy. This is why we recommend the use of a Bekaclip steel clip clamp, to facilitate attaching them to the Bekaclip post.

These clips are extremely durable and their tensile strength (i.e. ability to withstand loads without breaking due to stress or strain concentration) is 1000 N/mm²

How to calculate the amount needed for a Bekaclip pole?

If the height of the fence is 1500 mm, the mesh height is 101 mm, so assuming 1 clip is needed for each cell of the mesh we get 15 clips per post (1500/101) for starting, ending, brace, and corner posts. For other intermediate posts, we only need to install a clip every 200mm height so we require about 8 clips per post (1500/200).

Material Stainless Steel
Compatible with Round post (Bekaclip post) of diameter 48mm
Use Connects fence roll to Bekaclip post
Quantity 250
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