Choosing your fence

It’s important to make sure you have every component of your fencing system ready before beginning your installation. Our Configurator tool is designed to make sure you or your installer have everything you need to successfully complete your fencing project.

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A key decision you will need to make is which of our three systems is right for you. You can read our guide here. Whichever you choose, each will be made up of these key components:


Panels are the most visible part of your fence. We supply high-quality, welded steel panels that are guaranteed for 10 years. Unlike wooden options, our panels require very little maintenance and will not degrade under normal weather conditions giving your property a clean, uniform look.

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Posts are the hardest working part of your system, keeping it secure and upright. You will require a post at each corner of your perimeter, and between panels. 

For Nylofor 3D and Nylofor 2D premium systems, we recommend Premium posts 40x60 mm with 1,5 wall thickness. Premium posts are universal and are suitable for intermediate, corner, and end-posts.

For our 3D Essential system, we propose Essential posts 40x60 mm with 1,1 wall thickness.  Essential posts are also universal and suitable for intermediate, corner, and end-posts

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Collets secure your posts to your panels. Corners at 90 degrees require corner collets, whereas straight sections and wider angles require an intermediate collet.  End posts require end collets.

Your panels need to be secured to your posts from top to bottom, for systems 123cm, 143 cm, and 153 cm high, you will require three collets per post. 

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If you wish to connect a panel to an existing wall, you can use a wall/gate fixator to achieve this. The same connector is used when connecting a panel to a gate.

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There are a few different options when it comes to choosing the right foundation for your fence. We recommend deciding the right choice for your property with the help of your installer. 

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High-quality gates can make a real difference to how it feels to enter and exit your property, as well as provide security. We offer both pedestrian and doublewide gates, allowing access to paths and garages. Your panels will be secured to each side of your gate in the same way as posts, so make sure to select the right number of collets for the height of your system. Our Configurator tool can calculate this for you.

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Accessories are a great way to personalize and change the look of your fence and garden. Our Screenoline product is compatible with our Nylofor 3D Premium range, giving you the option to make some, or all of your property more private.