Choosing your fence


A fence is one of the most important elements of your property's security system. However, in addition to this function, it should also please the eye or provide a selected level of privacy. So how to reconcile these three functions, what to look for when choosing a fence?

First, think about your needs and requirements in the three areas mentioned below.


How to choose a fence in terms of security?

A home is where the people and material goods that are most important to you are.

The choice of the security level of the fence will depend on the environment in which the plot stands and the planned additional security systems, such as cameras, roller shutters, anti-burglary doors. The fence is the first point of contact, and it is crucial to let potential thieves understand already at this stage that breaking in will not be easy.

So take a look around at the neighbouring buildings and see what type of fence is dominant. It is a good starting point to choose your fence and gives an idea about the locality.

Then focus on your own needs and think about what security grade is right for you. If you decide that a high level of security is most important to you, opt for fences with small meshes and coarse wires that prevent climbing over the fence, and cutting wires requires time and additional equipment. Such fences will also enable precise monitoring.


Nylofor 3D Premium system - increased safety

If you are looking to mark your perimeter and improve the safety of your property, then choose the Nylofor 3D Premium fence system. It consists of a welded mesh and horizontal ribs that strengthen the entire structure. This system is suitable for securing private buildings and public properties. 


How to choose the appearance of the fence - traditional or modern fence?

It is worth starting to think about choosing a fence at the early stage of designing the property. The image of the entire property depends as much on the shape of the building as its surroundings, and the fence is the biggest part of it.

There are situations where we build a house in isolation from other buildings, but it is a relatively rare situation. Most often, we build in the vicinity of larger or smaller buildings. So how do you choose a fence? We recommend looking around the area so that our design fits in with its style and does not contribute to architectural chaos - after all, keeping a uniform look is influenced by the appearance of the surroundings. However, this does not mean that we must restrain our creativity. There are many types of fences on the market, both modern and classic styles. 


First, you must define your style - traditional or modern fencing?

A fence for a modern home: modern construction uses materials such as metal, wood, and stone. Minimalist aesthetics and eco-friendly solutions are also important. At Betafence, we also value these aspects, and our Nylofor 3D PremiumNylofor 3D EssentialNylofor 2D Premium and HoriZen Prime Privacy systems suit perfectly. 

In the foreground, the property will remain the centre of attention, and a modern fence will complement it. The dominant colour in modern design is anthracite, which fits in the minimalistic whites and greys. 

A fence for a classic house: lovers of classic construction will also find many interesting solutions on the market. In the classical style, the architecture is dominated by bricks, clinkers, stones with the use of rustication, rough plaster. Arches are also very popular. Classic fencing will draw on these elements.


When choosing a fence style, look for common points. Transferring the facade motifs, such as colour or material, to the fence is a method that often guarantees success and the creation of a coherent environment around the property.

Pay attention to:

  • Color - an appropriately selected colour of the fence can help to blend it into the surroundings, e.g., greenery, or to distinguish and emphasize its decorative character. Look for colours on the facade, the window joinery or the roof.
  • Architectural details - such as arches, ornaments or repeated angles in many places will also help you choose the right fence.


Which fence to choose in terms of the degree of privacy?

The house is often a haven where we cut ourselves off from the hustle and bustle of the city or the people around us, and we want a bit of privacy. Especially in our garden, where we want to read a book or meet in a smaller group and be able to spend time without distracting noises.

Therefore, it is worth determining the degree of privacy at the stage of choosing the fence, because it will be the first and most important barrier separating your property from the outside world.

So, answer the question: do I want the entire property to be exposed, or would I like to hide only selected fragments?  If you prefer full privacy, we recommend choosing the fully configurable HoriZen Prime system made of easy-to-maintain WPC panels that can be easily adapted to your property, creating a modern, environmentally friendly fence.

Some solutions allow for a compromise. Thanks to Nylofor 3D Premium panels and matching Screeno Line privacy infills, you can cover a part of the property or the whole. The infills easily slide between the spans of the panel, so you do not have to replace the entire fence if you decide to increase or decrease the cover level.


Fence system - the easier way to fence

Consistent appearance, a well-thought-out fence line, proven technical solutions are all the advantages of fencing systems consisting of such elements as panels, posts, gates and accessories. Choosing a fencing system is a simpler purchase decision, easier and faster installation, and the certainty of failure-free use.

A key decision you will need to make is which of our three systems is right for you. If you're wondering which system is right for me, read our guide. Whichever you choose, each will be made up of these key components.

It’s important to make sure you have every component of your fencing system ready before beginning your installation. Our Configurator tool is designed to make sure you or your installer have everything you need to successfully complete your fencing project.


Panels are the most visible part of your fence. We supply high-quality, welded steel panels that are guaranteed for 10 years. Unlike wooden options, our panels require very little maintenance and will not degrade under normal weather conditions giving your property a clean, uniform look.

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Privacy panels are a great way to personalize and change the look of your fence and garden. The newly launched HoriZen Prime Privacy system is a modern and stylish way to ensure privacy for your perimeter. Also, our Screenoline privacy product gives you yet another option to make some, or all of your property more private while keeping a consistent look alongside the Nylofor 3D Premium fence system.

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Posts are the hardest working part of your system, keeping it secure and upright. You will require a post at each corner of your perimeter, and between panels. 

For Nylofor 3D and Nylofor 2D premium systems, we recommend Premium posts 40x60 mm with 1,5 wall thickness. Premium posts are universal and are suitable for intermediate, corner, and end-posts.

For our 3D Essential system, we propose Essential posts 40x60 mm with 1,1 wall thickness.  Essential posts are also universal and suitable for intermediate, corner, and end-posts

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Collets secure your posts to your panels. Corners at 90 degrees require corner collets, whereas straight sections and wider angles require an intermediate collet.  End posts require end collets.

Your panels need to be secured to your posts from top to bottom, for systems 123cm, 143 cm, and 153 cm high, you will require three collets per post. 

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If you wish to connect a panel to an existing wall, you can use a wall/gate fixator to achieve this. The same connector is used when connecting a panel to a gate.

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There are a few different options when it comes to choosing the right foundation for your fence. We recommend deciding the right choice for your property with the help of your installer. 

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High-quality gates can make a real difference to how it feels to enter and exit your property, as well as provide security. We offer both pedestrian and doublewide gates, allowing access to paths and garages. Your panels will be secured to each side of your gate in the same way as posts, so make sure to select the right number of collets for the height of your system. Our Configurator tool can calculate this for you.

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Meet those special requirements to add beauty and utility to your fence system with Betafence accessories. Explore our full range of high-quality accessories.

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A fence is an investment

A fence is installed once for a long time, so if you want to save yourself unnecessary costs and disappointments, choose a high-quality fence.

Cheaper fences tempt with a lower price, but you will only seem to save money. Although you pay less at the outset, you can feel the financial consequences of this decision in the first winter. Why? Doubtful anti-corrosion coatings exposed to low temperatures and moisture can crack after just one season, leaving exposed rust wires to be devoured. High-quality systems, compared to cheaper ones, do not involve high operating costs, and have a longer service life, so you can enjoy the fence longer without the need to replace it with a new one.

Consider buying a high-quality fence wise investment that will bring benefits in the future. By choosing complete Betafence systems, you gain up to 10 years of fencing warranty.