Nylofor 2D Premium

As the name suggests, this popular option in our Nylofor family is a flat fence. It’s strong, welded mesh provides a decorative appearance whilst giving a secure defence to anyone trying to cut or vandalise the fence.

The large open mesh style of the Nylofor 2D allows excellent through vision ensuring views from your home or garden are not interrupted. 

The perfect fence to provide security to your home and garden. The heavy-gauge, welded mesh panels feature twin horizontal wires, one positioned on either side of the verticals. This ensures a strong, rigid fence to protect your property, with a high level of resistance to cutting. 

The open mesh profile is decorative in appearance and allows excellent through vision making it suitable for admiring the outside view.

Pair the 2D Standard Nylofor fence panels with the premium post range and the Premium swing gate range.


Technical Specification
Fence Panel Width: 2500mm
Height: 1230mm or 1430mm
Colours: Green or anthracite
Mesh size: 200 x 50mm
Wire diameter: 5mm vertical wires and 6mm double horizontal wires
Design: Flat Fence Panels
Coating: Pre-galvanised wire and polyester coated with maximum adhesion to guarantee an extra-long lifespan
Nylofor 2D premium fence panels are NOT compatible with the ScreenoLine privacy infills

Why Betafence

  • Warranty 10-year warranty on fences
  • Quality Top-quality zinc and synthetic coatings
  • Reputation Over 135 years of experience