If you have already chosen your installer, they may offer to measure your property and advise you on which products to buy. If you are ordering your products yourself using our Configurator tool it’s important to measure your borders carefully and accurately.

Step 1

Mark each 90-degree corner with a stake, make sure this is secure in the ground to avoid movement while you’re measuring.

Step 2
Using the stakes as a guide, measure each side of your perimeter in centimeters. Using string is a great way to make sure you are happy with the positioning of your lines. The string and measuring tape need to be taut, so we recommend asking a friend for help.

Step 3

Divide the perimeter lengths by the width of the fence panels, 250cm. This tells you how many panels you should expect to buy. Our configurator will make this calculation for you, once you have provided the total length and number of 90-degree corners.