HoriZen Prime Panel - 180cm (15 * 12cm panels)

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A HoriZen Prime Panel consists of 12 privacy sub-panels or boards; each one is 150mm high. Simple 'Tongue and Groove' assembly makes it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts. One or more HoriZen Prime Decorative Boards with a Classic or Modern design can be inserted between the sub-panels adding a subtle touch of elegance to your privacy fence as shown in the images. 

We offer two colour variants for HoriZen Prime Panels:

  1. Anthracite
  2. Brown

Desired fence height can be achieved in increments of 150mm based on the number of sub-panels being used per HoriZen Prime Fence Panel.

HoriZen Prime panels are made of low-maintenance WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) sub-panels or boards that easily fit together to create a modern, environmentally friendly privacy fence. These panels are made up of 98% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

The HoriZen Prime Panel comes with a pair of top and bottom rails that hold the sub-panels in between and complete the fence's look. These rails are made from aluminum to ensure they remain rust-free, even if in contact with soil at the base.

HoriZen Prime Panel can be combined with the HoriZen Prime Privacy Swing Gate which is supplied pre-filled with sub-panels/boards in the colour of your choice.

We recommend using our configurator tool - the easiest way to ensure you choose the correct number of compatible products for your needs. Also, you can find all compatible parts of the HoriZen system - Posts, HoriZen Prime Panels, and Accessories - in the HoriZen Prime Privacy System.



  1. Only the colour of the WPC sub-panels/boards change between brown and anthracite. The frame colour remains anthracite to match the entire line-up of the HoriZen Prime Privacy Fence System.
  2. HoriZen Prime Decorative Boards need to be purchased separately based on how many boards you want to add per Horizon panel and on the design you prefer.
  3. HoriZen Posts need to be purchased separately according to the suitable post lengths - 2400mm for the standard mount, 3000mm for mounting in slopes, or 1930mm for mounting with the baseplate.
  4. HoriZen U-profile needs to be used to mount Horizen prime panels to a wall or to HoriZen Prime Privacy Swing Gate.

In case you have any questions please contact us by clicking the 'Enquire about this product' button and the Betafence team will be happy to assist you.

Width 1780
Height 1800
Number of corner collets 1
Number of gate fixators 1
Number of wall fixators 1
Design Tongue and Groove Assembly
Sub-panels 12 (1780 * 150mm)
Material Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)
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