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Warranty We offer a 10-year warranty on panels / posts / gates / privacy / accessories * (depending on the product)


HoriZen Posts are made up of aluminum and are polyester coated with RAL 7016 S Anthracite colour. HoriZen posts feature open sides into which 12 HoriZen Prime Sub-panels can slide in a 'Tongue and Groove' fashion. Each HoriZen post is shipped with a Betafence branded post cap that completes the look of the privacy fence and helps to protect the post from rain and snow.

HoriZen posts come in 3 variants to support different types of installation of your choice:

  1. Standard 240CM - For general-purpose installation in flat areas

  2. Long 300CM - For installation in slopes to form a step-like pattern

  3. Short 193CM - For mounting on a HoriZen Baseplate

HoriZen posts can be cut easily to fit your specific height requirements if needed.

In order to attach the HoriZen Prime Panels to a wall or to the HoriZen Prime Privacy Swing Gate, you will need HoriZen U-profile which only has slots on one side. HoriZen Wind Anchors are recommended to secure HoriZen Privacy Fence System in windy areas with wind speeds more than 90 km/h.

Each HoriZen post comes with a HoriZen End Profile. Any open ends of the post can be covered with the end profile to complete the look of the privacy fence and to protect the posts from environmental damages.

We recommend using our configurator tool - the easiest way to ensure you choose the correct number of compatible products for your needs. Also, you can find all compatible parts of the HoriZen system - Posts, HoriZen Prime Panels, and Accessories - in the HoriZen Prime Privacy System.

NOTE: HoriZen Wind AnchorsHoriZen Prime Baseplates, and HoriZen Prime U-profiles need to be purchased separately according to your specific requirements. In case you have any questions please contact us by clicking the 'Enquire about this product' button and the Betafence team will be happy to assist you.

Width 70
Design Tongue and Groove Assembly
Coating Polyester with RAL 7016 S color
Material Aluminium
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