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Fence mesh rolls are very often the choice for low to medium security applications. They become the ideal choice when you want to quickly delimit the boundary of your garden or land and when the budget is limited.

We offer our fence rolls with different RAL colours and dimensions as mentioned in the product details. For the security of the exterior portions on the edge of the street, we recommend opting for fence panels which can be easily purchased through our configurator tool.


Different types of Fence Rolls that we offer:

1. Welded Mesh Rolls: The Pantanet series of welded fence rolls are suitable for application in the residential world. They are manufactured from galvanized wire which is resistance welded and then plastic coated to ensure durability and long life.

2. Knotted Mesh Rolls: Knotted fences are rectangular meshes that offer the advantage of not injuring animals. In case of impact, the knots slide, but the fence remains in place. The lower part of the fence is smaller in dimension to prevent the entry of rodents.


What are the prerequisites to lay fence rolls?

Installing fence rolls requires the installation of wire posts and struts beforehand. The struts are usually placed every 25 meters. There are 2 types of posts to install fence rolls:

1. Specially-designed round posts for fence rolls: They are slightly premium posts designed specifically to support fence rolls. Thus minimum tools and accessories are required for this kind of installation. You only need fence mesh clips additionally and do not require any wire tensioners.

2. T and L posts: They are the most economical option but require several additional accessories to get installed.

Both methods are equally good. The only important thing is that the fence mesh has good tension and is able to withstand pressure.


How to make the right choice?

Do not forget that quality = longevity, and that you certainly do not want to change the fence every year. Understand your requirement clearly and plan for the entire lifetime of the fence. Pay particular attention to the warranty conditions (Betafence provides a 10-year warranty for its products). Read the product descriptions in order to select the correct fence roll. Betafence fences have been the reference for the market standard for many years.

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