Bekaclip Post For Fence Rolls

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Round post for fence rolls. The Bekaclip post is the star of the posts for your fence roll. It allows a quick installation without accessories except for stainless steel Bekaclip clips for fence rolls. It is available in Anthracite color to harmonize with all your property's other fences and fence rolls.

Bekaclip Post Summary

Bekaclip posts are round, tubular, iron, and very resistant poles. They have a supporting structure formed in the post to fix the fence roll using Bekafor stainless steel clips. All our poles come with post caps, which in addition to completing the look of the post, will prevent water from seeping in and logging at the bottom of the post.

They are specially designed to be compatible with all-welded fences rolls like Pantanet Family rolls from Betafence. The entire fence thus installed is guaranteed for 10 years.

Installation of Bekaclip Post

Bekaclip posts require the installation of struts on the starting, corner, and end posts, and every 25 meters at both angles. Bekaclip posts of the same length can be used as both brace posts and struts. Bekaclip posts should be spaced preferably at the gap of every 2 to 3 meters.

Bekaclip posts are galvanized inside and outside and then plasticized with a polyester coating. They are guaranteed for 10 years against corrosion, following salt spray corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres, in accordance with ISO 9227

Installation tips

The installation of fences in rolls with Bekaclip poles does not require any wire tensioners. The installation is easily done using stainless steel clips (in diameter of 3.50 mm). We advise putting a clip on all the meshes on the starting, end, corner, and retention posts. For all other posts, a clip at every 50 cm distance is enough.

Betafence offers you the Bekaclip clips, the clamp for installation, and the Bekaclip strut collar as separate accessories.

Thickness 1.20 mm
Width 48
Coating PES
Material Steel
Warranty 10 years
Compatible with Welded fence rolls
Fasteners (not included) Stainless steel clips
Compatible with underbody plate (not included) Yes
Compatible with baseplate (not included) Yes, except for supporting struts
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